by Regina Ward-Snyder
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Genius, Yet Flawed

Genius Women

Once Upon a Time...

I started my writing career as an academic writer in 2010. Two years ago I decided to give fiction writing a try. As I was finishing my first draft a new opportunity arose. 

A new series was announced that would be centered around the life of Albert Einstein. I did not miss an episode. As the series was coming to a close the production staff began discussing the second subject in the series, Pablo Picasso. Their reasoning for not choosing a woman was that, although there are women geniuses, they are not as well known as the men. 

I had not thought about it but women had been ignored in the area of genius. I went through twelve years of traditional school, earned an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degree. I had even completed my course work for a PhD and the only woman I remembered studying, as a genius, was Marie Curie. 

As I began my research I found that there were books written about some of the genius women I had found but there were very few books on women geniuses as a compilation. I laid my fiction work aside and began my research on these women. 

Genius, Yet Flawed

Before the research began I was concerned that a book on women geniuses would be dry and boring. Au contraire, these women are far from boring. While their work was outstanding, their personal lives were not. One, a genius in education, was sent to bed early so her husband could be alone with his sister downstairs. One almost lost everything due to a gambling addiction. One ran away with a married man when she was sixteen, while another killed her husband then killed herself. These are just a few stories that make these women so fascinating. 

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Beginning October 2018, I will be posting a blog concerning my journey from research to publishing and every step in between. Follow along to experience the roller coaster ride that will be my life. 


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